The Breakthrough Secret to Positive Change

Discover a powerful way to find clarity in any situation, address inner conflicts, and gain the freedom and confidence to live a life of mastery, in this new audio program from Saratoga Ocean.


How To Take the Struggle Out of Creating the Life You Want

Are you frustrated by the difficulty of living a better life? Do you feel stuck in old habits and tired situations that you’ve tried to change before, without success?

Maybe you have prayed for the answer. Maybe you have repeated affirmations, tried tactic after tactic to make changes stick, or attended motivational seminars, but nothing has taken hold. You know in your heart that you’re supposed to be empowered and the master of your life, so why is it so difficult?

Every human being experiences these obstacles. The great news is, there exists a single, simple shift anyone can make to lay these challenges aside.

The Breakthrough Secret to Positive Change is a 5 part audio program that will show you how to make this shift, so you can finally start living the life you want and know you ought to enjoy.

Join Saratoga Ocean in this relaxed and friendly, conversational-style training and discover the clarity, relief, and inner harmony that will restore your self-confidence and unlock your potential.


Imagine a life where you advance with confidence towards your heart’s desire. Imagine a life of clarity and mastery, where inspiration and divine intelligence guide you, and old habits and failures no longer limit your accomplishments.

Transform Your Life with this Never-Before-Shared Information

  • Get a clear and direct answer for why you don’t feel fully in command of your life
  • Realize a simple yet profound paradigm shift that will give you massive leverage to take action, and allow you to experience your true, divine nature
  • Learn to avoid the one, huge mistake almost everyone makes that causes positive change to be so difficult
  • Find out how to free yourself from disempowering mental stories imposed by your past struggles and failures
  • Understand the origin of inner conflict and self-doubt, and how to stop negative emotions from derailing your inspiration and motivation for change
  • Learn three practical steps to take command and live a more fulfilling life every day. You can start using these immediately!

Odds are, you have probably never heard these ideas before. This is brand-new, life-changing information from Saratoga Ocean, presented in an easy-to-follow recording that will leave you feeling uplifted, empowered, and clearer than ever before!

Your guide to the path of mastery

For more than 25 years as a speaker, life purpose coach, and author, Saratoga Ocean has been guiding people to transcend negative patterns and live more fulfilling lives in alignment with their infinite nature. She is the founder of Telstar Events and the exclusive channel for Telstar, an interdimensional force of nature and evolution. In addition, Saratoga is certified as an Angel Therapy Practitioner® by Doreen Virtue, PhD.

Thousands of people have experienced the life-transforming power of Saratoga and Telstar’s message through live workshops and seminars across North America, and through her books, including The Final Elimination of the Source of Fear and A Guide for Lightworkers by Archangel Michael. Her blog, email messages, and inspirational Facebook posts reach tens of thousands of readers worldwide each week.

What You Get in “The Breakthrough Secret to Positive Change”

Transformational training with Saratoga Ocean, divided into 5 lessons to easily enjoy at your own pace.

It’s audio, so you can listen on your schedule. Enjoy it on a walk, while driving to work, or just brew a cup of your favorite tea, sit back, and press Play.

Program Contents

Introduction and Course Overview

Listen to the Introduction:

Lesson 1: Who Are You?

Lesson 2: The Biggest Obstacle to Positive Change

Lesson 3: The Power of Your Story

Lesson 4: The Breakthrough Secret!

Lesson 5: Practical Steps for Empowered Change


Listen anywhere, anytime

Stream the audios as much as you like via our beautiful digital library, wherever you have internet access.

And if you’re going offline, just download the mp3s to your favorite music player, so you can listen whenever you wish. It’s all yours to keep forever!


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Your Past Doesn’t Dictate Your Future

It’s frustrating and stressful to keep trying to create changes for the better, and be stopped by the same doubts, bad habits, or negative self-criticism. Your inspiration and motivation is a precious, divine gift, and the power to create the life you want is naturally yours as an infinite being and creator. Don’t let past burdens keep you from your dreams one more day! Listen to this training today, and gain the crucial knowledge you need to create a life in harmony with your heart’s desires.

Choose A Life of Mastery and Harmony Today

The Breakthrough Secret to Positive Change

The Breakthrough Secret to Positive Change


  • 5 inspiring audio lessons with Saratoga Ocean
  • Stream the audio online or download to your mp3 player
  • 30-day money-back guarantee

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