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Are you tired of settling for what’s “realistic”, instead of living the life you truly desire?

Discover the principles behind miracles, and learn exactly how to apply them to create your ideal life


Introducing “Create Your Own Miracles”

A mastery-level program from Saratoga Ocean on how to manifest whatever you want in life


Join me today and start manifesting
the life you truly want!


Would you love to have your biggest dreams come into being with grace and synchronicity?

Dear friends,

If you’d like to start living the happy, fulfilling life you truly desire, and get there with grace and minimal struggle (regardless of what you may have thought was “realistic” or “achievable” for you), then this is the most important program you will ever invest in.

A miracle is a positive experience in life that comes from outside the realm of what we believe is possible for us. For most people, when miracles happen, they are manifested unconsciously. But wouldn’t it be amazing if you knew how to align with the exact principles that enable you to create a miracle consciously? There is a system and science behind consciously creating miracles, and this system works for anyone. In my new, in-depth mastery program “Create Your Own Miracles”, I am going to teach you exactly what that is, so you can create the life you truly want.

Now, there is one thing I want to be upfront about before I tell you more…

This is not about “magical thinking”!

I don’t have any special trick that will cause unicorns and fairies to suddenly teleport you into your dream life.

And if you’re looking for a way to just “wish” something into existence, this is not for you.

Manifesting profound changes in life takes effort and focus. You have to understand the principles behind miracle creation, and how to apply them on a daily basis to your goals. And physical action towards what you desire is absolutely necessary.

After all, you can’t experience big changes without, well, changing your experience in a big way.

I have reached amazing goals in my own life by applying the methods I teach in this program. And the stories of thousands of wildly successful people around the world show them consciously or unconsciously using the same principles to manifest their vision. The principles work, but the degree of positive change they create in your life depends entirely on YOUR choices and YOUR effort.

That makes sense, doesn’t it? :-)

Now that that’s clear, let’s get right into…

What you get in “Create Your Own Miracles”:

As a life coach for over 25 years, I have helped people from every walk of life achieve transformational journeys to greater happiness, clarity of mind and purpose, financial abundance, and fulfillment. During that time, I’ve been struck by how hard many people seem to struggle to make even modest changes in their experiences.

So I have designed “Create Your Own Miracles” as a mastery-level course and self-paced coaching program that teaches everything you need to know about consciously manifesting what you want in life.

You’re going to learn the foundational principles out of which miracles emerge. You’ll understand exactly how the Law of Attraction works and how you can activate it — plus the two other “Laws of Manifestation” that no one talks about!

Best of all, I’ll walk you through techniques to create and perfect your vision of any miracle you wish to manifest, and how to take action daily to bring it into your life.

Plus, for the times when you meet difficulties on that journey, I’ll show you ways you can surmount and even avoid many common mistakes and obstacles to manifestation.

I know you will really enjoy the process and attain a new level of clarity. This definitely isn’t a complicated, technical presentation, even though we go deep into the science of manifestation in 12 modules containing 45 core lessons. I’ve packaged each lesson into a simple video presentation, about 15 minutes long on average, that anyone can understand. You’ll feel like you’re sitting across the table from me for a friendly conversation.

And to help you apply the lessons to reach your full potential, the program includes an expanding series of downloadable audio coaching sessions. These provide you with my ongoing support on your journey, so you take every step with confidence and awareness, and reach the fullest level of success you envision.

Spellbinding, electrifying, and empowering – this course is pure Freedom! Enacting the principles in the ‘Create Your Own Miracles’ course has given me the DNA code to creating the life I’ve always wanted. I highly recommend this program to anyone who is ready for the life of their dreams to come true.

Barb Claire
Marketing Professional

Create your Own Miracles has truly been a gift in my life. This course, right from the very beginning, felt like what I have been longing for, for a very long time. It has offered me a clarity that has been astonishing, like having the window drapes pulled aside so I could really see the possibilities that are at my fingertips. I have gained insights into why my life has been difficult, and how I can change that with my heart and my creativity engaged! I feel a new freedom in my soul and can’t wait to continue experiencing miracles in my life! Thank you Saratoga!!

Patricia Dolphin
Nursing Clinical Instructor

The Create Your Own Miracles program is a miracle in itself! To realize that the universe is designed at every turn to help you to be happy and to create the life you want. Wow! With Saratoga’s amazing information about universal principals, I was finally persuaded that yes, it is possible to have the life I’ve been dreaming about. And Saratoga, in her very loving, creative and beautiful way shows you where to put your efforts to ensure a miraculous outcome. Nothing is left to chance. You will be crystal clear how it all works and what steps you need to take to create your heart’s desire.

Tarra Dunphy
Life Coach and Arts Facilitator

One thing I love about Saratoga’s course “Create Your Own Miracles” is how wonderfully practical it is. Saratoga has a gift for explaining things clearly. She always comes right to the point and her communication style helps keep you focused. This course can help you transition from a “wouldn’t it be nice if...” attitude to a profound knowing that you have not just the ability to create, but the practical tools and methods you need to create whatever you want.

Tony W
Management Coordinator

It’s about more than just miracles

Miracles can (and should!) be a natural part of your life, but this training doesn’t stop there. Miracle creation becomes even more powerful and transformative when approached in the context of life purpose. You’ll discover how aligning with your life purpose supports and strengthens your creative power.

Then, you’ll learn about the power of your mind, and how your past story and mental paradigms affect every aspect of your experience. I’ll teach you how to let go of your past (while keeping the wisdom), and transform your paradigms and mindset so they support what you want to create. 

And we’ll discuss how aligning with the principles of creation and miracles will amplify your intuition. In fact, Module 7 is entirely devoted to teaching you how to expand your intuitive ability and apply it to creating your miracles.


I wanted this program to be a complete training on all aspects of creating your ideal life. Here’s just some of what you will learn:

  • You probably think you have to begin creating your goals and plans from your current circumstances, right? Wrong! I’ll show you how you can start at the source of creation in the Quantum Universe, and get much greater results along with a happier journey.
  • The one thing you must do before the Law of Attraction will work for you.
  • The truth about your emotions (and why you need to pay attention to them).
  • Why it’s totally normal to feel afraid or discouraged when starting to pursue your vision (and what to do when it happens).
  • For the chronic strugglers: do you feel like you continually run into the same obstacles or negative habits whenever you try to change your circumstances or experience? Discover how to eliminate the root of these setbacks by changing your “mental DNA”.
  • The 3 levels of purpose you can align with to activate and empower greater and greater miracles (most people only ever work in the lowest level).
  • How to activate your intuition for guidance even if you don’t consider yourself “intuitive”. In fact, the process of consciously manifesting miracles is one of the best ways to strengthen your intuitive capability!
  • If you base the size of your goals on the current circumstances in your life, watch Module 4. Are you missing out on something amazing?
  • Do you use affirmations or gratitude exercises? You’ll discover how to apply these even more effectively to manifest your vision in Module 8, Lesson 4.
  • The difference between your brain and your mind, and why you need to understand how each functions in the process of manifesting miracles.
  • What if you could start fresh, regardless of any negative experiences in your past? I’ll give you the key to a simple energetic alignment that lets you “reset” any time you wish.

continued below...

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About Saratoga Ocean

Hi there! You might know me from my popular Facebook page or blog, or perhaps from one of my books, The Final Elimination of the Source of Fear and A Guide for Lightworkers by Archangel Michael. I’m the founder of Telstar Events and have been helping people transcend negative patterns and live more fulfilling lives in alignment with their infinite nature for over 25 years as a life coach, speaker, and author. I am so excited to bring you this life-changing program showing you how to finally manifest a life of happiness and success, and I am honored to be your guide on this journey.

Here’s even more that you will learn...

  • How your consciousness is already working with the Quantum Universe to manifest everything in your life.
  • When it’s OK to daydream about what you want… in fact, it’s incredibly important!
  • The best way to create certainty that your miracle is going to happen (you can have so much fun doing this).
  • How you can avoid the “waiting trap” and gain the courage to move forward with big changes in life (Module 9, Lesson 1).
  • What to do if you have a vision of what you really want, but other people or circumstances in your life don’t support it (Module 9, Lesson 2).
  • Why you should never use the word “someday” when creating your vision for a miracle.
  • The linear “Past, Present, and Future” timeline is just one way to perceive life. There is another perspective that affords you vastly greater power to create miracles. You’ll see exactly how it works (hint: you experience it every day) and how to choose it in Module 5.
  • Say goodbye to feeling stuck! Learn how to have breakthroughs exactly when you need them in the 3rd video in Module 4.
  • How to create an inspired plan, and make it a stress-free, enjoyable journey.
  • How you can create “interim miracles” to make your journey even more graceful and expansive.
  • How to enjoy the whole process as if your miracle has already happened

It gets even better, though. I didn’t want this program just to educate you about how miracles work, I also wanted it to be…

Designed as the Perfect Companion to Help You Feel Confident and Capable

Let’s face it. Changing our lives can be hard, especially when we are living with decades-old paradigms, habits, and unconscious programming that try to hold us back at every big move. I have included strategies for all those situations in this program, but I don’t expect anyone to remember everything after their first time studying it.

And I want you to start working towards manifesting miracles right away! Your dream life is too important to put off any longer.

So I’ve included a special module in the training to help you quickly review and apply the principles of manifestation at any stage on your journey. It summarizes all the core teachings in 5 short videos, so you can recognize what you need to work on at any point.

This is really important, since you won’t be left wondering “what am I doing wrong”, or “I don’t know what I’m missing”. Just watch Module 11 anytime confusion or questions emerge, and you’ll be guided straight to the knowledge you need to get back on track towards your vision!

As you practice these principles daily, you will build expertise, to the point where creating miracles can feel totally natural and comfortable — just as it should be.

Take Greater Command of Your Results with Ongoing Audio Coaching Sessions

Once you complete the core modules, you will understand how miracles are created from inspiration to manifestation, and will be ready to take action on your first of many miracles.

To support you at the fullest level possible, I’ve added a series of downloadable audio coaching sessions to this program. In each pre-recorded session I guide you through a concept that can help you apply the core lessons more fully and successfully, or avoid a common mistake people make when trying to manifest a miracle.

These coaching sessions form an integral part of Create Your Own Miracles, offering you an even deeper level of insight and training you can access as you wish. Explore them in your own self-paced course of study to master the art of miracle creation, or, if you are facing a particular challenge, go straight to a relevant session for immediate guidance.

This library of sessions is constantly growing as I regularly add new audio tracks on new topics. Each track is 15 to 30 minutes long, and is available as an MP3 you can listen to on the program website or download to your device. Sessions currently available (or soon to be added) cover topics including

  • How to best position your mindset to successfully create the life you want,
  • How to develop your awareness and consciousness, so you can better recognize new opportunities and insights that guide you on the road to your miracle,
  • How to create and maintain motivation (and stop procrastinating),
  • How you can set better (and bigger) goals that inspire and excite you,
  • How to avoid mistakes people often make, so you don’t struggle needlessly with changes, inadvertently sabotage your own success, or settle for less than you can actually achieve.

When you consistently apply these insights alongside the fundamental training from Modules 1 - 12, your life can become genuinely miraculous and exciting. You can dream bigger, set out more confidently in pursuit of your vision, and meet every day with clarity and grace. The quality of your experience can be as good as you desire. Truly, you can be in command of your own life.

Through these pre-recorded audio sessions, you may effectively work with me as your coach for creating miracles, at your own pace. You get access to the same level of informational support as my private clients. Private coaching with me normally costs between $3,000 and $10,000, or higher, depending on the number of sessions and involvement.

And if I delivered the same thing in a different format, the whole Create Your Own Miracles program would easily be priced at $14,000 or more — for all the modules, lessons, coaching sessions, and resources it includes.

However, I want to make creating the life of one's dreams a possibility for many more people. So you can own the entire program online today, for life, at a fraction of that price...

Here’s what to do next

You’re not going to pay $14,000 for Create Your Own Miracles.

In fact, you’re not even going to pay 1/4th of that (which would be $3,500).

The price for this mastery program has been set at just $2,997, and you get instant access to it in your own private membership site after purchase.

Here’s how to get started:

  1.  Click the button below to go to the secure checkout page. Enter your payment information (credit card or Paypal) and create your member account.
  2. Right after you submit your payment, you will see a video from me welcoming you to the program, plus a button to go to your member's library and start watching Lesson 1 immediately!
  3. You’ll also receive two emails: one with your receipt and one with a link you can save to return to the program any time.

You will have permanent access to the program from your member’s library, so you can take it again and again, whenever you like, from anywhere in the world with an internet connection.

And yes, you can access the entire training — all 12 modules, meditations, and other material — as soon as you enroll. I do recommend, however, that you go through the lessons in order the first time, for reasons I’ll explain to you in the very first lesson, “How to Most Benefit from this Course”.

Click the button below and join me for your first step on this transformational journey!


You CAN create miracles

Many of us have tried more times than we can count to transform our lives in positive, lasting ways. So if you’re wondering, “Can I really do this?”, I get it — and I have some great news for you:

It’s not lack of willpower or some other internal weakness that causes us to struggle! We struggle when our efforts are not aligned with the principles that are key to miracles manifesting. The ability to manifest what we want in life is a natural human gift. We just need to know how to properly align with the principles of creation.

I will teach you exactly how to achieve this alignment in this program. You don’t have to be a special person to create miracles in your life; these principles work for anyone willing to focus and commit to them.

And when setbacks arise anywhere along the way (there are no instant fixes in life), you will have the resources to help you understand what is happening and how to adjust your vision and actions, so you stay on track and achieve your goals.

Start Now

What is transformation worth to you?

Yes, this program is an investment — but isn’t learning how to create a life you can love worth it? If you purchase Create Your Own Miracles and spend one year applying the principles I teach to uplevel your life, that is an equivalent investment of $8.22 a day.  Isn’t a great life worth $8.22 a day?

Imagine how wonderful it will feel to see your dreams starting to come together with ease and serendipity. Imagine how confident and empowered you will feel when you know from experience that you can create whatever you want in life.

You could choose to find the path alone. Many of the pieces are out there — the Law of Attraction, understanding your paradigms, visualization — but how many 100s of hours of struggle and confusion would it take to hunt down all the keys, put them together in the right order, and fully understand and apply it?

Instead of toiling through all that, you can start this program today, and save yourself those hours because I have done that part of the work for you.  This way you can devote your precious time to implementing what matters most to you right away.

Start Now

Oh, there’s one more thing...

There are moments when you may need more immediate support on your journey. Perhaps with creating your vision, or with a point of anxiety or doubt along the way.

To help you at those times, I am giving you 3 guided meditations that will assist you in gaining intuitive clarity and overcoming obstacles. I have created these specifically to support you in the context of this program, so they aren’t available anywhere else. When you enroll today, you will receive

  • The Journey to the Quantum Universe meditation
  • The Relief from Fear meditation
  • The Garden of Manifestation meditation

You can download these as MP3 audio files inside Module 12 in the course, and listen to them whenever you need. Each one comprises some simple, audible instructions from me, coupled with peaceful, relaxing music.

Accompanying each meditation is a short introductory video where I explain how to use it to best help you manifest your vision.

I want Create Your Own Miracles to be a library and guidebook you return to time and time again as your dreams evolve and expand, so I’m committed to making sure every member has all the information and guidance they need to be in command of their lives.

So to review, when you order Create Your Own Miracles today, you immediately receive all 45 core video lessons, all available on-demand sessions in the audio coaching section (plus all I release in the future), and the 3 exclusive guided meditations, for only $2,997.

And yes, of course, I offer a great guarantee…

The Absolutely-Zero-Risk 100% Guarantee

I want you to feel completely comfortable choosing this program, so here is my promise: When you join, if you do not absolutely love it and feel it was worth every penny, I will give you 100% of your money back. All you need to do is email [email protected] to request a full refund within 30 days of your purchase, and my team will process it without any hassle. No questions asked.

So if you’re ready to jump to the next level in your life, click the “Get Started Now” button below, and experience “Create Your Own Miracles” for 30 days at ZERO risk. I am certain you will love it! 


Start for only $785 today

Sometimes, I know, you’d like a little more help to get started. So I’m happy to say that “Create Your Own Miracles” can also be yours for 4 monthly payments of $785.00. Make your first payment today and get full access to the entire program immediately — all modules, meditations, and audio coaching sessions!

Sounds good? Scroll down and choose your payment plan to get started.

Let me show you how to make your dreams come true

Select your preferred payment plan below. You’ll create your account
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Multi-Pay Plan


/ MONTH for 4 months

  • In-depth, mastery level training on how to manifest your ideal life
  • Growing library of audio coaching sessions to support your ongoing success
  • 3 guided meditation mp3s
  • Immediate + lifetime access to ALL 12 core modules and downloadable audio tracks
  • 30-day 100% money back guarantee
  • Make 4 monthly payments

Single Payment



  • In-depth, mastery level training on how to manifest your ideal life
  • Growing library of audio coaching sessions to support your ongoing success
  • 3 guided meditation mp3s
  • Immediate + lifetime access to ALL 12 core modules and downloadable audio tracks
  • 30-day 100% money back guarantee
  • Make just 1 payment today
We accept
Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, JCB, Diner's Club, and PayPal

Praise for “Create Your Own Miracles”

I love this program!

Imagine knowing exactly how to command the Law of Attraction in your life.  That’s what this program offers in the most learner friendly environment imaginable.

The short videos are enjoyable and instructive.  Once I completed all of them I realized how profound and all encompassing my experience had become.  The examples and activities that Saratoga offers to reinforce certain concepts are easy and enjoyable to implement.  This program is rich in practical instructions and simple to understand information that really works.  I love knowing that I can revisit any or all parts of this program any time that I choose.  I have found that each visit brings deeper awareness and understanding.

This program is brilliantly designed to put you in control of how much you want to learn and how you want to apply that learning.  I have found that as I put in the time and effort to practice the key principles of creating my own miracles my happiness is growing exponentially.

I sincerely recommend that you give yourself this gift of the most magical lifelong learning you can ever experience.

Marianne La Rose
Educator, B.A., B.Ed., M.A.

This is a powerful self-mastery program that has shifted the way I experience life.  I was one of those people who was able to set goals for myself and to manifest whatever I had set my mind to, but it came with a cost: a lot of hard work and struggle to get there, resulting in fatigue and burnout every few years. When I registered for this program, I knew in my heart that I wanted things to be different: that manifesting what I wanted in life had to be easy, fun and rejuvenating. As I applied the revolutionary techniques taught in this program by Saratoga, I felt my life starting to align with a flow that was easy, graceful, and healing. I no longer felt burnt out from working so hard at what I wanted to change in my life. I have experienced financial abundance, attracted empowering relationships and experienced miraculous healings. There really is no end to what I can create!  It is truly a powerful program that delivers what it says.

Grace So
CEO & President, Oasis Resource Center

Using the principles from the ‘Create your Own Miracles’ program, I was able to heal a very severe neck pain in about 5 minutes.

After 2 days of misery after a pilates class, I decided to apply the principles that I was learning to see if I could alleviate the pain. My intuition guided me to exactly what needed to be done in order to heal.

I followed my intuitive guidance, and I am still pain free to this day. Even the neck pain that I typically experience for a time after awakening from a night’s sleep is no more.

Thank you so much Saratoga! This is truly a miraculous system! Now that I have experienced this physical healing I am so excited to really master these principles, applying them every day to all areas of my life. I have only just begun to work with these principles and the results are already miraculous!

Doug Canning
Commercial Sales Manager

The best decision I have made in my entire life is purchasing this awesome miracle course!! I work as a 911 Dispatcher for the 3rd largest North American Transit Company. My job is stressful, hectic, and fast paced. As a result of investing in this awesome course, I am able to easily release the workday tension and focus clearly on what I truly want to create in my life. I have more energy, joy and peacefulness from watching the videos and then applying the teachings into my daily life. Each day I steadily move towards my goals with strength and delight, while gracefully leaving negative habits behind.

Saratoga’s teachings have helped my true self emerge... a creative, loving and happy woman fulfilling my dreams by being able to help people do what they love to do.

I wholeheartedly recommend this incredible course; it is totally worth the ticket price to board the joy ride of your life.

Judi Wert
Transit Control Dispatcher

My first goal in the ‘Create Your Own Miracles’ course was to live in a constant state of joy, no matter what circumstances I encounter. After applying the principles of the course over a few weeks, I realized I was feeling ridiculously happy, considering that I was plowing through a mound of work that would normally leave me feeling drained and grumpy.

I’m now focusing on other goals and find I’m consistently excited by envisioning my new creations and then acting to manifest them.  This new way of being has crowded out the old, negative commentary that used to take center stage in my brain.  What freedom!

Other materials I’ve studied in the past on miracle creation have never helped me to click in to the process like Saratoga’s step-by-step guidance.

If you genuinely desire to create miracles, then this is the course I recommend.

Dr. Lucille Necas
Toronto, Canada

What’s inside “Create Your Own Miracles”

Here are the core modules you have immediate access to when you enroll:

 module 1

Miracles and the Quantum Universe

How do miracles actually manifest? By the end of this module you’ll understand the sequence of principles that gives rise to a miracle and why it’s possible to consciously create miracles for yourself.

 module 2

Life and Soul Purpose

Do you feel like you’ve done everything you were supposed to in life — yet you still aren’t happy? Here you’ll resolve this paradox by understanding 3 levels of purpose that provide increased focus and the power to manifest a fulfilling life.

 module 3

The Mind Creates Everything

Discover the truth about how our experiences come into being — and the key to taking command of the process! The mind, the subconscious mind, and our paradigms play crucial roles in creation that you’ll learn to recognize and use.

 module 4

Your Story and the Past

Avoid the biggest mistake people make when attempting to manifest their goals! Plus, find out how to break through feeling “stuck”, and release the parts of your past that no longer serve you.

 module 5

Alignment for Creation

Learn the absolute most effective way to position yourself to succeed at creating extraordinary miracles. Want to break free of the “status quo” in your life? This is the most important shift you can make!

 module 6

The 3 Laws of Manifestation

If you’ve tried to use the Law of Attraction before with less-than-exciting results, you need to watch this module. You’ll see where the missing links are that you need for manifestation, in order to make the Law of Attraction a reliable tool for creation.

 module 7


Learn how to amplify your intuitive ability (even if you’ve never consciously used it before) to expand your awareness. Plus, I’ll give you a simple intuition exercise that brings instant clarity to any decision in life.

 module 8

Create Your Vision

What would your perfect miracle look like? Here you’ll create a clear, exciting vision of the exact changes you want, and set up that vision for manifestation.  (Bonus: you’ll find out what to do if, like many people, you aren’t entirely sure what you really want.)

 module 9

Take Action

Discover how to create goals and a plan for your vision in a way that’s inspired and incredibly fun. Learn what to do if people or circumstances in your life don’t match with or support your plan.

 module 10

How To Overcome Obstacles

How can you anticipate the difficulties you might encounter on your journey so they don’t hinder your manifestation? Discover how to prepare for and even eliminate the most common types of resistance you may experience.

 module 11

Overview of How To Manifest

Return to this module any time to refresh your knowledge of the manifestation process and quickly ascertain what you need to focus on to improve your ability to create miracles.


Guided Meditations

Use these 3 guided meditations to help you visualize your miracles, relieve resistance and anxiety, and stay confident and engaged throughout your manifestation journey.

Take it with you

Miracle creation brings the greatest transformation and empowerment when approached as a lifestyle, so I’ve made it as easy as possible to return to Create Your Own Miracles on a daily basis. The program is delivered 100% online inside your own private member’s library, to let you watch the videos and listen to the meditations anywhere in the world, whenever you like. And our software keeps track of your progress through the program, so you can resume on your phone exactly where you left off on your laptop.

You should enroll in Create Your Own Miracles if you

  • Have a vision of the life you really want, but have no idea how to manifest it in the real world
  • Are ready to move to the next level, where you can manifest what you want much more quickly
  • Want to learn how to enjoy setting goals (and get even better at achieving them)
  • Want to experience greater purpose and meaning in your daily activities
  • Have grown tired of struggling with self-defeating habits and unwanted patterns
  • Want to improve your quality of life
  • Are ready to create real, physical change in your circumstances
  • Have wished for guidance and a solution to transform your life, but haven't found the answer yet
  • Want to move past feeling stuck

This is not for people who

  • Believe success comes just by wishing and hoping for it
  • Prefer to focus on surface behavior and appearances rather than deep, inner self-empowerment
  • Aren’t willing to invest in themselves
  • Just want to ”watch some videos” and have their lives magically transform without making an effort
  • Tend to be skeptical and approach intuition and other metaphysical ideas with a “prove it to me” attitude
  • Aren’t willing to leave the comfort zone of their current mindset and habits
  • Are reluctant to give up excuses for why their lives are unsatisfying
  • Are looking for a secret trick to transform their lives without having to do anything

Isn’t it time you had a miraculous life?

Since you’re still reading, there’s a good chance you are wondering if this is the right program to help you manifest your ideal life. You're probably thinking, "Will this work for me?"

You don’t need a special gift or talent to succeed at this. You already possess everything you need. You just have to know what the principles of miracle creation are, and how to align with them.

What I teach in “Create Your Own Miracles” will help you to consciously direct the innate creative power that you already have. I’ll also show you how to overcome the most common obstacles that might confront you when you set out to manifest a new vision, and how to avoid the struggle and confusion typically associated with setting and achieving goals.

Wouldn’t it be great to have an owner’s manual for life? “Create Your Own Miracles” is designed to provide that: a resource you can return to again and again for guidance and clarity at any step on your journey. It belongs to you for life.

Again, if for any reason you don’t wish to continue within the first 30 days, I guarantee a 100% refund. There’s zero risk to you.

Nothing is more exhilarating and inspiring than watching your intended miracle manifest, and I can’t wait for you to have that experience. I invite you to join me today and start your journey to a better life!

Wishing you a life filled with joy and miracles,

Saratoga Ocean

Click the button below to begin your journey

Select your preferred payment plan below. You’ll create your account
and check out on the next step.

Multi-Pay Plan


/ MONTH for 4 months

  • In-depth, mastery level training on how to manifest your ideal life
  • Growing library of audio coaching sessions to support your ongoing success
  • 3 guided meditation mp3s
  • Immediate + lifetime access to ALL 12 core modules and downloadable audio tracks
  • 30-day 100% money back guarantee
  • Make 4 monthly payments

Single Payment



  • In-depth, mastery level training on how to manifest your ideal life
  • Growing library of audio coaching sessions to support your ongoing success
  • 3 guided meditation mp3s
  • Immediate + lifetime access to ALL 12 core modules and downloadable audio tracks
  • 30-day 100% money back guarantee
  • Make just 1 payment today
We accept
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